Performing With Musical Keyboards

How to perform and sing with musical keyboards

Normally when preparing for a performance, most people only have to worry about their voice. But by including an instrument, such as musical keyboards, you have to put double the amount of work in to make sure your performance is remembered for the right reasons and not because your musical keyboards skills were slightly off.

Preparing for your performance

Warning: Make sure you are stage ready to perform with musical keyboards and sing. The temptation is to start performing on stage too early and spend most of the time looking down at the keyboard “this is not performing!”

Using your space

Just because you may be rooted to one particular space on the stage does not mean you can’t engage the audience and get them on your side. What will really set you apart from other performers is the way you can still communicate your message through eye contact, facial expressions and really putting your back into it, regardless if there are musical keyboards between you and the audience. You need to express the emotion in the song so if appropriate don’t be afraid to kick your chair back and stand up, the more passion you give and the more you enjoy it the better the performance. If you have to keep looking down during your performance, and have nothing but a blank expression on your face then perhaps you not stage ready.

Remember that there are huge resources at your fingertips, study other performers live performance on YouTube or your favourite artist at a concert. Start to pick up what works and what doesn’t for various performances. Then try and test them out yourself.

Get the right posture

It’s very important when performing with musical keyboards that you have the right posture. Whether you decide to sit or stand, you should retain a flexible feeling in your spine. If you do slump, your breath control will be affected, which may impact your vocals.

Do keep in mind that you don’t want to be too rigid as this will look unprofessional. Just because you have musical keyboards in front of you doesn’t mean you cannot still get into the song and enjoy yourself. If anything the movements you make are even more crucial as it is limited. You want the audience to be on your side, and not feeling disconnected just because there’s an instrument between you.

Making sure your mic is in the right position is paramount to making sure you keep the right posture. You want to make sure the mic is close enough to your mouth so you don’t have to lean, and high enough to make sure your spine stays tall but not covering your face.

Projecting vocals whilst playing keyboards

Just because you are playing musical keyboards doesn’t mean your vocals should suffer. Try not to tighten your shoulders, neck, or jaw as you perform as this will tighten your throat as this can lead to poor vocals and breathing control. If you choose to sit when playing the keyboard, a good way to maintain power is by sitting on the edge of your seat and squeeze your bum against the seat. This way you will get as much power to your voice as if you were standing.

You must remember that your voice takes priority and playing musical keyboards should be secondary. If you’re not 100% confident in playing the piano then you need to keep practising before hitting that stage. If you can’t play without having to think about the next key then this can lead to an awful performance.



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