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Vocal Ranges – Finding Your Vocal Range

Ways to Find your Vocal Ranges

Vocal Ranges – Finding your Vocal Ranges: Finding your vocal ranges can help you improve your singing career and of course your voice! When learning about your vocal ranges there are a few things you need to know and we will start with the basics. The vocal ranges of a singer refers to the amount of octaves a singer is able to sing and the interval between the notes. To find your vocal ranges it is best to start by doing your traditional warm ups as it helps loosen your vocal chords and the flexibility of your voice.

Finding your Vocal Ranges

HOT TIP! Always remember to warm up your voice through vocal exercises, water and rest! When finding your vocal ranges, water and rest will keep your voice well rested and hydrated. Very important!

Finding your Vocal Ranges with an Instrument

Finding your vocal ranges with an instrument can be a bit easier to some people. By sitting down with a keyboard or guitar simply sing a note that you feel most comfortable with. Then start singing your scales. You are already half way to finding your vocal ranges! Take note of the lowest note you are able to produce, even if it sounds terrible! Through warm ups and practice not only will you find your vocal ranges but over time it will keep improving. However if you have to squeal or force your voice it does not count and can hurt your vocal chords.

HOT TIP! Remember your posture when singing, it keeps your airway clearer and improves your singing.

Finding your Vocal Ranges without an Instrument

This can be tricky. Of course you always have the option of a friend or singing teacher with you or even a mobile app to help with pitch but it would be recommended to have an instrument nearby. When finding your vocal ranges, having someone you trust can be helpful. Remember no screaming! Environments such as clubs, gigs or even singing too loudly can damage your voice. So enjoy yourself but think of the effects it can have!

Vocal Ranges

HOT TIP! Traditionally when finding your vocal ranges, we start by finding the lower note as this produces less tension in our vocal cords and naturally warms up your voice while working our way to the higher notes. The more you know!

Choosing a Song for your Vocal Ranges

Once you have found your vocal ranges it is important to find the correct song to suit your voice.  Try not to go straight for the vocal runs like Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé! Find a song which suits you and that you are familiar with. Sing it all the way to the end and find the highest note and lowest. If you have trouble with the higher note simply adjust your first note to a lower pitch and the other way round if having trouble with the lower note.

HOT TIP! Try writing out the lyrics, even if you know them off by heart, and mark down which notes had caused you hassle to help figure out which key you need.


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