Tumblr Tips for Singers


Our Tumblr tips to make your blog more effective

Tumblr Tips for Singers: Tumblr, as a web definition, is a micro-blogging platform that allows users to post: text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. This post has all our Tumblr tips that will help you to utilize this social media platform in the best way for you.

It’s not a biggy as Tumblr may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but it gets over 13 million hits a week! Posts on Tumblr are frequently reblogged and shared with users, friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter and represents another avenue to get you and your music out there.

Tumblr Tips – Getting Started

Tumblr Tips – Creating your Profile

  • Pick a username for Tumblr that is the same or very similar to your other social media platforms.
  • For example, TeenStar use: www.facebook.com/teenstarcompetition www.twitter.com/teenstarcomp and http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/teenstarcompetition.
  • Keep your theme consistent with your other social media platforms. Use the same background images and profile picture as Facebook and Twitter profiles.

HOT TIP! One of our useful Tumblr Tips is to make sure there is consistent image throughout all your social media and you as an act.

Tumblr Tips – Finding your Audience

  • Search for like-minded singers. If your act is acoustic based, search for ‘acoustic music lovers’ and follow several in that group to start to build up your fans on Tumblr.
  • Actively follow users several times a week. Follow back any new followers and follow your friend’s followers. This builds your presence on the site.
  • Don’t just stick to musicians; follow: music venues, record labels and music industry professionals. They are usually happy to follow back and support new artists.

Tumblr Tips

Tumblr Tips – Sharing your Music

HOT TIP! One of our best Tumblr Tips is to make sure your music is on all your social media platforms; even if it isn’t played over and over the opportunity is still there.

  • The audio limit to upload is one 10MB file per day, but you can avoid this limit by streaming audio from a cloud storage account.
  • Cloud storage is off of a service such as SoundCloud or Dropbox. Their link gets embedded in your Tumblr account and plays through Tumblr’s built in audio player.
  • Check out the sharing options available on any music websites you are already registered with and have a playlist uploaded. An example would be the Tunepack off of Reverb nation.

Tumblr Tips – Give Fans a Reason to React

  • The objective of having a Tumblr profile is to encourage interaction.
  • The more reblogs and shares you get the wider your online presence will be. This should then impact your likes and followers on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Why are more followers important? If an A&R scout finds your page, before they hear your music the first thing they see will be your popularity. A developed fan base is essential for any singer.



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