Singing Auditions – Tips From Music Industry Judges

Pointers on how to impress music industry judges at singing auditions

Singing Auditions – Tips from Music Industry Judges: Here are some pointers on how to impress the judges the next time you have any singing auditions. These tips are designed to help singers to develop and further their development in the music career.

Judge’s Tips for Singing Auditions

Be Prepared

You’ve landed yourself singing auditions, so you have to be prepared for anything that may happen. Know your song inside out; no judge wants to see you reading the lyrics off a piece of paper. Make sure your backing track is the right song and works well. If you’re playing an instrument, have it tuned already and have spare parts with you.

Look the Part

You have to impress both visually and vocally, so having the right outfit can affect your audition. Your outfit needs to reflect how you are as a person and what you’re singing; we want to see your personality.

Be Original

The idea of singing auditions is to find something new we don’t already have, so make sure your performance is original and memorable. If you’ve got an original song, then play it, it shows courage!

Lose the Attitude

We’re here to help you and give you an opportunity to be successful. So instead of being a know it all, respect the fact you’ve got an audition. Poor attitude will reflect badly on you.

Singing Auditions – Music Industry Judges

Try to Relax

We understand it’s a nerve racking experience, but you got yourself to an audition so you’ve obviously got something we want to hear more of. Take a few breaths and remember don’t rush the song so it’s over quicker.


It’s not just about singing, you’ve got to be able to take that song and make it a performance. You have to own the stage, make us believe it’s yours. The most successful artists can make the whole crowd believe in their performance.


Understand what you’re singing, know what the message is behind the song and let us know through your performance at all your singing auditions. Eye contact is a strong way to communicate with the judges and make sure the expression shows through.


Singing auditions are a great way to receive feedback. We have years of experience under our belts, so give us a chance to express our opinions, it might be the constructive criticism you need to make that next step. Make sure you look at your feedback, you might not be aware of the one thing holding you back.

Enjoy Yourself

Music is a beautiful thing, as singers you all have a common a passion for music. Make sure the judges know how much you’re enjoying the performance and that this is all you want to do.


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