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How to Get a Gig

Tips for singers on how to get a gig

How to Get a Gig: Playing gigs is one of the most effective ways of getting recognised in the music industry and getting your music heard. As so many people attend music events, there is potential to play for a lot of people, providing you with great exposure if you impress. Below is advice on how to get a gig and why it’s so important for singers to play a gigs.

HOT TIP! Please ensure you are ready to play at a recognised music venue first; it may pay to do some local Open Mic nights to learn stage craft and build the confidence before going in at the deep end, click here for music events – open mic nights.

Tips on How to Get a Gig

How to Get a Gig – Gig as Much as you Can

Gigging is one of the best things to have on your CV as a singer, as it shows you’re willing to make an effort. Also if you impress at a gig it’s most likely to lead to more opportunities such as getting asked to play at other gigs. Many people in the music industry will look at your website and social media to see where you’re performing next and of course the people you’ve impressed previously.

HOT TIP! Always ensure you have leaflets and/or CD’s so people can take your details or listen to you on the drive home and it’s also essential that you are searchable on the internet, click here for social media tips.

How to Get a Gig – Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a powerful thing for an artist to have and is one of our top tips on how to get a gig. Constantly make people aware of who you are. All it takes is a few people to be impressed by your performance to tell their friends about you and that gets the ball rolling of expanding your fan base. The more often you play, the more often you increase your chances of this happening, provided you are impressing with your music and performance.

How to Get a Gig – Collaboration Opportunities

The more often you gig, the more you will perform with other acts. One of the best ways to get noticed in the industry is to collaborate with other artists. So use gigging as an opportunity to make friends with other acts who would be willing to work on music and other gigs together.

How to Get a Gig – More Advice

How to Get a Gig – Allows you to Network

You never know who will end up coming to watch you play a gig, so it’s smart to go and network after your set is finished. Talking to everyone will give you a good reputation as well as giving the opportunity to talk to someone who might have a contact you could do with.

How to Get a Gig – Selling Merchandise 

Getting a regular gig slot also allows you to sell your merchandise to existing and possibly new fans. All it takes is someone to buy your EP and share it with their friends to widen your fan base. Selling merchandise is also another way of getting an income stream.

How to Get a Gig – Create a Mailing List

To do this you will need to design a leaflet to take details of people’s names, emails or mobiles to add to a mailing list. You should do this every time you gig, if you gig enough, you’ll soon have a good amount of fan information that you can use to advertise your new songs, gigs or news updates quickly and cheaply!


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