Good Stage Names

Ways to decide which good stage names you’ll use throughout your career.

Good stage names: You don’t have to but if you have a common name or one that is difficult to spell or remember then maybe it’s worth considering. Good stage names are something that need a lot of thought, simply because that will be your brand once you’ve become successful. It should be unique and stand out. So here’s some ways to help you pick one!

Good stage names

Avoid obscenities

Good stage names are your professional name, and the name you’ll be known as in the industry so it’s important to ensure that your name can’t be linked with anything that may cause offence to anyone.

Choose a persona

You can’t be more than one person, so make sure when deciding which name will match a narrowed down persona. Keep it simple yet effective. It is also important to make sure your image reflects your stage name, without synchronisation you’ll lose your identity as a singer.

Pick a unique name

Good stage names are can be time consuming as it’s difficult to find one no one else is using. Emeli Sande chose to call herself Emeli rather than her actual name Adele because Adele was already a successful stage name. Having an individual name means that once someone has heard that they will know exactly who is being spoken about. For example:

  • Lady Gaga was inspired by her favourite song (Radio Gaga- Queen)
  • Katy Perry used her Mother’s maiden name (originally Kathryn Hudson)

Keep it simple

Ideally you’ll choose a good stage name that’s easy to pronounce and even easier to remember. You’re more likely to become a household name if people can remember your name as an artist.

Register your name

Once you’ve been through the process of selecting a good stage name, make sure it’s not being used by another singer and you then register the name. This way whilst you’re becoming successful no one else can use that name to make money.


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