Dance Opportunities – Backing Dancers

Tips for when you want to use dance opportunities such as backing dancers

Dance Opportunities – Backing Dancers: It’s very common place when seeing your favourite artist perform live on T.V, for them to embrace dance opportunities with backing dancers. But it is also important to remember that sometimes to make a magical performance, all you need is you and your voice! However, if you want to include dance opportunities such as backing dancers, here are some tips for how and when!

Dance Opportunities – Backing Dancers

Dance opportunities for singers can be backing dancers. They are performers who dance behind, or with, the artist(s). Their movements can provide a visual symmetry and rhythm to the song being sung. Done well and it can add a lot visually to give a real show, done badly and it can look a shambles become distracting and lead to a very amateur performance. So as always practice, practice and practice some more.

Warning: When using dance opportunities such as backing dancers it’s important to remember; In most cases it’s likely you will perform a more scaled down version of the routine or run the risk of it feeling detached and disjointed. Further if you try and do the same routine it is very likely you will get out of breathe and your vocals will suffer.

Ideally, it is better to include dance opportunities in your performance if you are a solo act, rather than a group, as this might look messy visually if there are too many people trying to fit on stage. If using backing dancers you should have them on for more than 5 seconds, but not necessarily for the whole song, as you want your time to shine, after all. It’s important to remember the most important aspect is you, so maybe start off the performance with it only being you on stage is a good option to consider. Then as the song gets going, a great place would be a change of tempo; the dance opportunities can join you to give the performance visual dynamics.

However, do think about how they can come on stage, as a simple walk on from the side looks a tad dull, and too much like a school talent show, but at the same time you don’t want them to be distracting the attention away from you.

Using Backing Dancers – Dance Opportunities

HOT TIP! You can never practice enough with your backing dancers, if you know exactly what they are doing and where they will be on stage during your song, it will save any surprises or distractions when it comes to your performance.

Only use dance opportunities if it goes with the tone of the song, otherwise it will look very mix ‘n’ match, and will leave the audience confused. If you are certain you want to include backing dancers then make sure that the style of dance matches the song’s lyrics. It’s no good having a group of dancers popping and locking if the song has a more contemporary feel to it.

HOT TIP! The image of your backing dancers is just as important as your image. If you don’t all match in some way on that stage, then the performance will feel very disconnected.

Remember, just because you may be a solo artist doesn’t mean you need to have dance opportunities such as backing dancers to make your performance stand out. If you’re confident and know how to work the stage by putting your personality or emotion into the performance than this is just as good, if not better, than trying to put on a full blown creative show. Sometimes the rawest of performances is what engages the audience more.


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Dance Opportunities – Backing Dancers