Building a Brand as a Singer

Tips to help you when building a brand as a singer.

Building a Brand as a Singer: As a singer, building a brand is the thing that sells and defines you when you’re not singing. It’s the image you reflect to your audience that helps them to decide whether you’re for them or not. Having a positive and strong brand is important as it’ll be what people think of when someone mentions your act. Below are some tips on how to develop and strengthen as a singer when building a brand.

Building a Brand as a Singer

Positioning Yourself in the Market

Building a brand for yourself as an act is ultimately about positioning yourself in the market. There are ways to go about this, for example how you dress may be a way to position yourself. The best way to work on positioning yourself is to find successful artists similar to your sound and see how their brand works for them. Perhaps there is something you can share or adapt in their image that you can apply to your act when building a brand.

Making your Brand Consistent

Being consistent throughout building a brand is essential. There’s no point in building a brand if you’re going to chop and change it every five minutes. There has to be consistency between your image, your artwork, your merchandise etc. For the sake of your brand and for your fans, consistency saves confusion between who they’re watching perform and who they’re looking at online.

Tips on Building a Brand

Synchronise your Social Media

It is really important to use the same display pictures, backgrounds, names and colour themes throughout all your social media pages! Using the same imagery across all your promotion and social media sites strengthens your brand as an artist. It looks more professional and official. People won’t wonder if they are on the correct page if everything matches as opposed to having different themes and pictures on each account. Building a brand essentially gives your fans something to remember you by; synchronizing everything makes your fans access to you a lot easier.

Make your Brand Memorable

When building a brand it’s important to remember it has to be something you’re remembered for.  JLS have been one of the best acts at making a memorable brand; each member of their band has a specific colour, their brand is reflected in their merchandise as their hoodie sales went through the roof when released.

Your Image isn’t enough

When building a brand all aspects of your act need to be considered. Of course, the first thing people will judge you on is what you look like as an act, but that may not be the lasting impression they have when they leave. Lots of acts are remembered or liked for reasons other than their voice and their look. For example, some fans might like Bob Geldof simply because of his political views and some might like Coldplay due to how eco-friendly they are. It’s all about the brand and the whole package of an act, not just the image and voice.


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