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Singing Feedback Scotland Dance Competition

Industry judges provide feedback for the TeenStar Scotland dance competition.

Scotland Dance Competition: Industry judges have provided feedback for the acts competing in the TeenStar Scotland dance competition. The industry judges have provided singing and dance feedback on how acts can be successful in developing their performances.

Scotland Dance Competition – Feedback

The judges providing feedback at the Scotland dance competition were:

  • Darran Barker – DB Management and Events
  • Angela McCallum – McCallum School of Music
  • Adele Wallace – Broadway School of Performing Arts
  • Kasey Monroe – Phantom 4 Music
  • James Smith
  • Katie Boyle

Scotland Dance Competition: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of the TeenStar competition, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Dance Competition Scotland Feedback – Pre-Teens

Dynamic Sparkle – Great costumes girls! Nice use of the stage, but more facial expressions are needed to really engage with your audience. The song was too fast for the little ones at times, keep working on your technique.

Cara Leigh Shaw – Nice to see your connection with the song. Great eye contact with your audience and good use of the stage, but more core strength needed so work on developing that.

Morgen Finningham – It was a very nervous at the start, but you have a nice vocal range so be confident in yourself. Try not to rush the performance. Not sure the song choice fully showed off your voice.

Rebecca & Gemma – Good use of the stage, but try to use better costume choices as your image is as important as your performance. You both looked to really enjoy being on the stage which was great to see!

Mark Morrison – Great acting skills, you portrayed the emotion well. Good audience interaction too. Look to work on your breathing skills and your image to develop further.

Beth Lawn – You showed lots of passion in your dance, which was great, but remember to finish very movement. Work on your timings in your jumps and turns.

Ellie Lowe – What a little fighter, well done for carrying on after forgetting words keep working on your pitch, A very brave and energetic performance, well done.

JK – Brilliant! Very talented boys. Look to use more facial expression to connect more to your audience and to get the crowd going. Looking forward to seeing you again, well done.

Carmyle – You looked really scared, more performances will help to build you stage confidence. Try not to rush, sow down and take your time. Great eye contact, but try to relax more as this will help with the timing also.

Dynamic Divas – Love the costumes, and great smiles throughout the performance. Try not to make it obvious when you make a mistake, just carry on going as we might not even notice!

Fleur – A very confident performance. You have a good vocal range and technique, but we would like to have seen more passion in your performance. Nice use of the stage.

Jamie & Tegyn – Lovely costumes! Good timings and facial expressions, it was just lacking confidence, so believe in yourselves more.

Ellie & Leia – Loved the passion but really push on your technique to develop further (stretch back knees, plant feet, relax hands). Watch your timing in places too.

Elise Whyte – Amazing confidence for a 7 year old. Loved the diva. A very energetic performance, well done!

Rayha and Carmyn – Lovely big smiles, but really push on your technique to develop further (stretch back knees, plant feet, relax hands).

Emma – Great outfit. Very confident with great potential. Add more choreography as you definitely could do it.

Jaimee Lawn – Your body movements are elongated and precise, which is great, but the performance needs more energy to keep your audience engaged.

Scotland Dance Competition Feedback 

Jessica Begley – Lovely vocal. Use more emotion and it will tell in your voice. Be more confident in yourself too.

Beth & Sophie – Very good facial expressions and nice timings, however try to develop your technique more to develop further (stretch back knees, plant feet, relax hands).

Amy Wilson – Lovely outfit and a very confident performer. Cream of the crop of performances today, well done!

Dynamic Illusion – Remember to smile, enjoy being on the stage and portray that to your audience. Unfortunately it felt like an old fashioned routine and song.

Rachel Derry – You have a really strong voice, but smile more and have fun. There’s no point in being there if you’re not enjoying it.

Sophie Robinson – Loved the sass and energy. Work more on your technique and tighten up your moves to be even better.

Erin McKinley – Just amazing! Stunning breath and tone, a very confident performance. We would like to have heard a more upbeat song, but apart from that it was great!

Cahlum Hamilton – Plenty of enthusiasm and nice variety of movements you are certainly a very confident performer!

Katy Melville – Great energetic performance. Loved the attitude! Try not to lip sync as you dance as that is quite off putting.

Sophie Eastwood – Loved the outfit, you looked very presentable. There was a slight uncertainty on your face at times, so watch your facial expressions. Overall a good performance, well done.

Kerr James – Wow! Just amazingly great stage presence. Vocally you were one of the strongest today!

Kai McDonald – We cannot believe you are only 6 years old and you have so much stage presence! Love the attitude, a brilliant performance, well done.

Khloe Mcinnes – Absolutely adorable. Always remember to keep your big smiles all the way through your performance.

Kerys – You look great and have very good eye contact with judges. Think about song choice as the chorus was a little too high in places.

Leah Melville – Nice image and very good energy, but your moves needed to be bigger. Work on strengthening your arms and planting your feet more.

Hannah Naughton – Good performance but try to connect with the song and portray more emotion in your performance. Very cute and nice outfit, but unfortunately you were slightly out of tune at times, perhaps a vocal coach could help with getting the best out of your voice.

Megan Cush – Nice hairstyle and very good energy. Keep the moves big and clean, work on stronger and straighter arms.

Teah – You are very competent on guitar for your age which is great to see. Lovely voice and a very enjoyable performance.

Kai and Khloe – A very energetic performance, you reminded me of two Duracell bunnies on full charge throughout the performance. Would look to work on your choreography a but more as a duo.

Cahlum and Leah – Parts of the routine could be cleaner, look at the timings, but loads of energy, well done!

Mid-Teen Scotland Dance Competition Feedback 

Kay Mcnidder – You seemed slightly nervous at the start, but you soon got into the performance. Remember to keep your face looking like you are connected with the performance.

Robin Ashcroft – Your voice has developed so much! Great song choice, but remember to smile and show us that you are enjoying yourself.

Robert Million – Great image, unusual routine and very enjoyable to watch. Loved your interaction with the audience, well done!

Eli-Anna – A very confident performance. We would like to have seen more movement and use of the stage. Not sure the song choice fully showed off your voice.

Kira and Katy – Would like to have seen a more of a challenging routine. Good facial expressions, but keep to the faster tempo routines as this feels more your strength.

Little Voices Big Stars – Pitching was great, loved the changed tempo. However, having just the two dancing was a little off putting, would rather see everyone moving and swaying.

Katie and Sophie – Loved Micky. A very energetic and well thought out routine, well done.

Louise Rodgers – You were very nervous and there was need to be your vocals are good, have more confidence in yourself. More performances will help to develop your stage presence.

Ross Wilkins – Excellent performance! Strong moves, hard hitting choreography and great upper body movement, now lets the feet do the talking too.

The Ladybugg – Nice light hearted performance, but remember to keep your eyes open to connect to your audience. Not sure on the stage name either.

Lauren Gibson – Great connection, and good amount of lyrical content. Loved the performance, well done.

Jay Withers – Lovely musical tone, you would look good in a boyband and the girls would love you.

Amber Mcinally – Great voice, but not sure the song choice fully showed off your voice. Work on your delivery especially in the higher notes.

Nu-Lite – Great energy, you all seemed better and more confident together as a group. Visually it looked really good too.

Scotland Dance Competition – Late-Teen Feedback 

Surge – Nice bright and colourful performance. Great confidence, but work on keeping the choreography tight throughout the performance.

Ciara McDonald – Lovely deep tone, but work on your stage presence, it needed a bigger performance.

Gemma Barclay – Nice tone and great high notes. You could do with a little more confidence.

Emily Punton – Very good song choice with great tone, however make more use of the stage.

LOXIE – Best performance to date with some great harmonies. Outfits were identical and could be slightly changed to give some individuality to each performer.

Rachael – Great image with a very strong voice, could be improved with some movement during the instrumental.

Katie Lewis – Great use of the stage with a good voice, possibly choose a more challenging song next time so we can see the full range of your voice.

Chloe Paterson – Nice tone and great hair. A different song choice would have been better to show different abilities of the voice.

Deski Leigh – Great tone and a very emotional performance, loved the confidence. You are definitely capable of singing a bigger song, so don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

Dance Competition Feedback 

Natalie McFarlane – Good entrance and a great song. Lovely tone and you did very well with timing, well done.

Storm – Lovely lyrical piece with great stage presence. Concentrate on the details to develop even more eg. Point your feet, finish every movement.

Amber – A very confident performance. You used the stage extremely well, however a different song choice would be better.

Talitha Brown – A very confident and emotional performance, however a different song choice may have been better.

Bethany Ferrie – You have a lovely unique style and a good voice. Try not to close eyes as much as the audience loses the emotional connection to you.

Mirin and Lucy – Amazing performances, the harmonies were flawless. Good connection between you both, well done.

RERE – Individual routine with a good choice of costume. Try to keep shoulders down during turns but a very enjoyable performance, well done.

Gillian Dee – Good song choice and great guitar skills. Excellent image, a very enjoyable performance, well done.

Shannon Feely – Nice tone and good song choice, try to add more enthusiasm to the performance.

Claire Murray – Great voice and song choice, a very confident performance!

Douglas Sleigh – Strong performance with some good eye contact. Excellent vocals.

Cara and Megan – You worked very well together and the performance was very individual. Try and work on your projection to be even better.

Lewis Kennedy – Very unique voice with good vocal tone. Could do with some work on microphone technique.


All successful acts from the TeenStar Scotland Regional Finals will be performing at the North West and Scotland Area Final on Sunday 4th June at Royal Northern College of Music Concert Hall, 124 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9RD. For more information and to buy tickets click here.

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