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Industry judges Manchester dance contest feedback. 


Manchester Dance Contest: Industry judges have provided feedback for the acts competiting in the TeenStar North West and Scotland Area Final dance contest. The industry judges have provided singing and dance contest feedback on how acts can be successful in developing their performances.

Manchester Dance Contest– Feedback

The judges providing feedback at the Manchester dance contest were:

  • Adam Cornes - ViewMyGig
  • Beckie Oldham - RJ Music Tuition
  • Emily Clark - Proffesional Singer & Dancer, who has performed around the world!
  • Karen Corson - Event Organiser and Talent Scout
  • Dave Payne - Entertainmnet Consultant & Talent Scout for Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor. 

Manchester Dance Contest: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of the TeenStar competition, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Dance Contest Manchester Feedback - Pre-Teens

Aerialist Elisha - Loved the intro in front before using the a-frame. Great music and image. Good technique, however it could do with flowing a little smoother. Loads of potential and lovely smile! 

Lily Draper - Nice age appropriate image and good eye contact. However, the song choice didn’t allow you to really show your voice, click here for more on the importance of song choice. You struggled vocally in places, but in others you were great, perhaps nerves got the best of you, click here for tips on building stage confidence as a singer.  

Bubblegum - Loved the image. Great smiles and energy! Would like to have seen you use the stage width a little more at times. Well dealt with the flying hat! It did get a little bit ‘samey’ after a while, but it was a very fun act with bags of energy.

Erin Leah - Nice age appropriate image. You performed visually with a very passionate performance. Such quality to your voice. Good to see you not rooted to the spot. There were just a few struggles to reach certain notes, potentially down to breathing technique which a good vocal coach can help you with. 

Bethan Seddon - Good use of the stage at the start, nice to see you moving forward and using the space provided, but make sure it’s with a purpose and not just wondering around, click here for more tips on stage performance tips for singers. Would have liked to have seen your eyes! Song suited your voice really well. 

Nieve Sullivan - 100% cute factor and used it to her advantage. It’s very hard to fill a stage when you’re so little but you did a good job, just use the width more than the depth, so you don't get lost outside of the lighting.

Logan Thompson - Great image! However try not to look so nervous, if you feel like you don’t know what to do with your hands, hold onto the mic stand with one or both of them. Great to see you taking the mic off the stand and using the stage. Just make sure movement has a purpose and you're not just walking around the stage, click here for more tips on stage performance tips for singers

Bonnie Bullock - Great outfit and smile! Good use of the stage space. Nice to see the different music coming in too. Good level of cheekiness, lots of charisma!

Jessica Begley - If you have a long instrumental at the beginning make sure you don’t just stand there nervously. Keep your eyes off the floor and perform to the audience. Refreshing song choice and the image suited the song. It was nice to see your smile, but lets see more of it! Try to use the stage rather than standing still, click here for more tips on stage performance tips for singers. Some tuning issues at points, but you have a lovely tone.

Cody Urban Dance - Great lines. Good music and nice energy. Outfits worked well. Don’t look down too much (not all of you). Watch out for over using facial expressions too. Record yourselves and look back at your faces (not all of you) to work on that. Shout louder!

CJ - Brave song choice, but you did a god job with it. Looked great. Slight timing issue at one point but pulled it back well. Try and perform to everyone, not just ahead of you and use stage the width more.

JK - Looked great and good energy. Some sync issue, ensure you are doing exactly what the other one is if you’re supposed to. Record yourselves, watch back and look at everything. Don’t perform too far forward in this venue, look at your space and use correctly, every venue is different so you need to bear that in mind. 

Kerr James - Loving the quirky little image. Great take on the song. Very musical theatre which was good, but would have preferred a little more of a natural performance. Great vocally, you have a beautiful voice,

Kai McDonald - Good attitude. You looked great, with good use of levels, and of the stage width. Loved the attitude on your face but lets see some more character on there too – even one cheeky smile at the end would go down well.

Dance Contest Feedback 

Ruby - Love this little girl! You perform so visually with amazing eye contact – not nervy at all. Could be improved vocally but that will come if you work hard which you obviously do, but you have everything else already. So many people struggle with pulling the mic back – so well done. Great stage presence! 

Sophie Robinson - Would have liked more going on with the outfit. You were very central on the stage the whole time, so try and use the stage space. Good to see you got straight into the performance from the word go.

Emma - Lovely smile and energy, you looked great. Good to see you using the stage width. Good eye contact too. Vocally there’s room to improve but that means you can get even better. Really looked like you enjoyed being there which made us smile!

Phoebe Billingham - Great flexibility. Costume worked for your act, if possible a floaty outfit could have added visually, but may have obstructed you. Good use of stage, and good mix of tricks.

T'mya Fyffe - Vocally you are very impressive, but try not to sway too far from the mic, click here for tips on microphone technique for singers. Don’t forget to use your facial expressions, we need to see some character. Nice to see the mic coming off the stand at a point. At points you seem to look unsure what you were doing, so be aware of how you are performing to the audience. 

Fireflyz - Good use of the stage space. Great energy. It did get a bit samey towards the end and some sync issues, but you looked great.

Amelia Rose - Great dress for your song choice. Beautiful delivery and entrance. Great dress for your song choice. Would have liked to have seen you take the mic off the stand and use the stage at some point, click here for more tips on stage performance tips for singers

Libby - Passionate performance, good use of stage. Lovely outfit. Very smooth and elegant. Good sync to the track. Great emotion in the performance.

Mark Morrison - Vocally a little flat in places, but lovely tone and performed well in general. We could tell you really liked that song. With that song you really need to use the stage and perform to everyone around you, click here for more tips on stage performance tips for singers. Confident and passionate performance.

Ellie-Rose - Used the entire stage well, great costume and make up, lovely facial expressions. You told a story with the music and performance, but better music could have helped even more. Great flexibility. 

Alexandra Durham Parker - Good medley. Vocally strong, but don’t close your eyes too much, we want to connect with you! Image could be improved slightly, so work on that going forward.

Jessie Wright - Lovely image and lively song choice which did allow you to show your voice off, but also did feel a little bit dated for you. Performed visually, but would have liked to have seen you take the mic off the stand and use the stage a bit. 

Megan Cush - Outfit worked well. Very talented young lady! Good song choices. Would have liked to have seen you use the stage width more, but lovely smile at the end.

Adam Cusack - Strong voice and great song choice for you. You moved around the stage a little, but could have done more, click here for more tips on stage performance tips for singers.

Rachel Derry - Looked great and good song choice. A little flat in places vocally but you did a good job. Work on facial expressions more to show the emotion of the song in your expressions. Try to look confident, especially in instrumental, click here for tips on building stage confidence as a singer.  

SURGE - Great staging at the start. Good use of levels and great lines. Lovely story, but would have liked to have seen the odd differences in appearance for everyone. Try not to mouth along with the words as it can be distracting.

Slay3rZ - Looked great. Loads of energy, good lines and good use of stage, well done! 

Mid-Teen Manchester Dance Contest Feedback 

Ella Brown - Image worked well. Good eye contact, you performed well to the audience. Not sure the song worked for you as it didn’t really allow you to really get into the vocal and show off your full voice, and there were some pitching issues, click here for more on the importance of song choice

Michael Aldag - Loved the image. Good eye contact. Lovely tone to your voice, you have so much potential. Felt the original song had potential but it just needs more of a hook to make it really catchy. 

Brodie Rodgers - Image stood out. Very intense stare at the beginning, try to relax and enjoy yourself. Even if you're nervous make us think that you’re not! Big song, try not to rush the vocal. Good to see two sides to you, but perhaps it would have been better to perform a song that involved song and dance throughout. Trills were very good.

Holly Marie - Great costume. Good use of the stage space and great conviction. At times it felt like it was being marked through rather than really performed, so just watch how you are performing to your audience. 

Emily Punton - Nice age appropriate image. Lovely tone and confident performer, but the song choice could have been better as it didn’t realy go anywhere or show off your full voice, click here for more on the importance of song choice. Smile more, even if it’s just at the end. 

Ross Wilkins - Good energy and use of the stage, but try and use the stage width more rather than the depth. Good to see a mix of music and pace. Try not to mouth along with the lyrics as it can be distracting. Lots of energy and cheekiness!

Alicia Pollard - Dress appropriate for performance. Lovely vocal. Backing track wasn’t great quality, which can be a distraction. Would have been nice to see the mic off the stand and using the stage. Try to look around to the audience more and perform to them, click here for more tips on stage performance tips for singers.

Natalie McFarlane - Performed to everyone in the room. Seemed very confident. Original song sounded very epic. Image worked for you. The vocal got a bit shouty towards the end, if it’s your own song then work on it to make it easier! Be careful of sliding through to the trills.

Storm - The phrases on the tops were a little lost in a big stage environment. Great to see some tricks and good lines. Try and improve your facial expressions (record yourself and watch back). 

Ria McCoy - Nice tone to your voice. Image worked for you and good eye contact. Could tell the song meant something to you as you connected to it well. Nice version of the song too. 

Robert Millon - Great image. Good energy and smooth movement, but you didn’t use the stage width as much as you could have. 

India M - Lovely vocal, but unfotunately some tuning issues with the Uke. Great to hear an original song but it needed more from it. Great tone, would like a little more emotion in your performance, click here for tips on how to sing with emotion.

Katie Clark - Powerful voice, great song for you. Image worked well and you performed visually. Worked well with the audience, you knew that was your time to shine and own the audience. Just be careful of mic technique on loud notes and be careful not to shout, click here for tips on microphone technique for singers

Manchester Dance Contest Feedback 

Caitlin Baxter - Good song choice, it really suited your vocal. Would have been good to have taken mic off the stand at some point and use the stage, click here for more tips on stage performance tips for singers.

Robin Ashcroft - Wasn’t expecting the voice! Amazing power to the vocal. Image was quirky and stood out. Use the stage width a bit more and perform to everyone. Be careful not to look at the floor or close your eyes too much. Great song choice for you! 

Sam Wise - Wearing all black doesn’t stand out as much on stage (black backdrop and usually black stage), so be aware of that. Good use of stage width for a solo dancer. Great technique. Music worked well. Obviously a very talented dancer, only slight things to improve such as image and facial expressions.

April Lee - Great image and good use of stage. Confident performance. Vocal got a bit shouty/screechy in places, so just be aware of keeping control over that. 

Yna - Image worked well. Lovely vocal and a confident performance, but a better quality track would help! Just be careful mot to pull the mic away too far, click here for tips on microphone technique for singers

Iffan Roberts - Good music and captivating performance. You’re committed to every single move. Destined for a career in the business! Nice smile at the end. 

Elliss Halton - Beautiful voice and great vocal ability. Performed to the audience well. Pretty sure you sang the same or something similar at the last show, would have liked something a bit different this time, perhaps more modern. Image could have matched the song more too. 

Eliza Mai - Loved the image. Great sound from the keys. Very quirky style. Would have liked to see you playing along with a backing track so that towards the end you could have come off the keys and use the stage briefly.

Nu-Lite - Image was clean and fresh. Loved the music mix. Brougth great energy to the performance. Great use of the stage and imaginative choreography.

Dan Sheriston - Image worked well for you. Good song choices too. Work on your facial expressions to express the emotion of the song, click here for tips on how to sing with emotion. Great diction but make sure you don’t rush the vocal.

13 - Lovely vocal and great solo, but if possible don’t put the two boys on the right together, spread out (unless for voal reasons). Choreography felt a little too rigid, try and relax a little. Good song choice. Hands by your side was a little to uniformed. 

Jaiden Sayer - Great costume and good use of stage. Seemed to lose your way a little in the middle briefly, so don’t let us see that, just pick it up and carry on (you quickly recovered which was great). Beautiful movement, good control, try to add more movement.

Ava Bielderman - Image worked well for your performance. I think there’s more vocal in there to be unlocked though. You're using all head voice, not chest voice. You have a nice tone to your voice but not too much power, engage the chest voice more. Make sure you perform to everyone and not just the centre.

Charlie Slater - Nice image. Lovely story and meaning behind the song, musically the song needed more to it but vocally well written. Lovely smile and confident performance.

Olivia - Image added to the performance. Great commitment to the performance and good use of the stage. Great entrance and exit in character.

Freya Kelly - Great image, a confident performance. The song wasn’t that recognizable, although you delivered it well. Nice vocal but wasn’t too keen on the song choice, click here for more on the importance of song choice.

Evan Reynolds - Good performance visually but room for improvement vocally. Looked great. Be careful not to rush the vocal as there were some tuning issues in places. 

Harrison Vaughan - Very passionate and committed performance, good use of the stage. Costume could be improved though. A very graceful performance. 

Fierce - Good energy and good use of the stage and levels, but make sure everyone is putting in as much energy as each other. Lots of imaginative choreography. Great trust in each other. Would have liked a different routine this time.

Manchester Dance Contest- Late-Teens Feedback 

Gillian Dee - Nice to see the electric guitar. We could tell the song meant something to you. Lovely tone to your voice. Good work with the original song. Performance and delivery can be improved.

Kerri O Kane - Image stood out, and the song showed pff your voice, but wasn’t too keen on the song itself. Would have been nice to see the mic off the stand towards the end, click here for more tips on stage performance tips for singers.

John Churton - Passionate performance. Lovely full tone to your voice. Would like a little more light and shade to the song. Be careful not to march with your feet as you play, you may not even know you are doing it! Try to engage with the audience more.

Jasmine Basi - Loved the song choice! Good eye contact, looked great on stage too. Would like to have heard a bit more light and shade, and build up to something. Seemed to struggle with the keys and vocal at the start. Relax your performance a little.

Bethany Ferrie - Using a loop pedal when you only have one song to impress is always risky, but it paid off. Don’t look down or close your eyes whilst singing so much. Otherwise you’re only performing to yourself (and this wasn’t during the pedal section). Nice song choice. Make sure you smile at the end! 

Claire Murray - Looked vibrant! You had a lovely smile. If you’re not using a stand, make sure you use the stage a little more, click here for more tips on stage performance tips for singers. Relax a little more, as you seemed tense in parts.

Eve O'Gara - Nice tone to your voice, but not sure the lovely outfit matched the song choice, as pretty as it was! A little too much vibrato, so be aware not to go too overboard. Make sure you don’t just wonder around on the same small part of the stage, use the width of the stage more.

Layla Sylvia - Finally, a lively song! Not sure the outfit matched the song though. Good confidence and stage presence. Just work on pitching in places. 

Bethany and Cameron Lythgoe - Vocal and guitar seemed to not be in sync at the start. Your image can be improved. At the moment you could be a waiter in a restaurant, we need you to look like you belong on a stage and you need to stand out. Passionate performance, but you didn’t seem to be in sync as much as previous round.

Jake Oneill - Love your voice. Nice build up to the chorus. Great song choice for you. We wanted you to let go a little more, so relax and go for it! 

Emily Ray - Lovely tone to your voice. The song showed your voice well, but wasn’t a fan of that song in a competition environment. We want show stoppers! You handled the song really well, but go bigger.

Simon Weatherspoon - Intimate performance and nice vocal. Image can be improved, try and avoid all black. A different song choice may have suited you more, click here for more on the importance of song choice.

Vanessa - Nice dress and beautiful tone. You struggled a little with the lower register at the start, but nice build up in the vocal. Would have liked to see you take the mic off the stand, click here for more tips on stage performance tips for singers.

Amelia Wilkins - Confident performance and your image stood out. Not the best song choice though, it did showcase your voice but it was a little too slow in places. It got a little screechy in places so just be careful with that. Good stage presence and trills. 

Mhairi Henderson - Nice haunting vocal. The outfit matched the song/act well, however there were too many vocals on track. This is fine if you harmonise with them, but you didn't. Use the stage a little more, click here for more tips on stage performance tips for singers.

Cathryn Olivia - Good vocal, but Image could be improved, black on a black stage/backdrop can get a little lost. Make sure any stage movement has purpose and not just walking back and forth too. 

Nu-Vybe - Great lines, great energy and lovely use of the stage.

Cara & Megan - Nice bubbly personalities shining through and good vocals. Would have liked your image tied in a little more. Try a tambourine!


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